IEEE YourAcademic is a repository of student-driven, multilingual and locally developed online educational resources.

These contents were originally produced under an IEEE project called IEEE Academic. Video modules were developed by volunteers and college professors to aid students in their academic learning and to help them achieve academic success.

YourAcademic is:

  • dozens of teams from all over the world: We have teams in several universities and schools from over 15 countries.
  • students and professors working together: Students are involved at all levels of the project and work side-by-side with their favorite professors to make sure videos are useful for students.
  • creating free educational multimedia materials: Everything will be available to everyone, everywhere, using any device on the web, for free.
  • in their own languages, meeting their own needs: We believe education is local, and content should be created locally, based on what is needed on the ground.
  • and inventing new tools for education: We are pooling our experience as students, teachers, and researchers, to create new tools and new ways of teaching and learning.


IEEE is a free online pre-university computing education web site that offers resources to inform and engage pre-university students, their teachers, school counselors and parents about computing and associated careers.

EPICS in IEEE is a program that organizes university and high-school students to work on engineering-related projects for local humanitarian organizations.


Teachers TryScience is a web site for teachers that provides free and engaging lessons, along with teaching strategies and resources, which are designed to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).


A portal about engineering and engineering careers to help young people understand better what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future.

Now you can earn IEEE Professional Development Hours by attending CEC courses. More info