Open Education in Pandemic Times

On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 16 international speakers will present the latest news related to open education in Romania and the EU during the 8th edition of the workshop Open Education in Pandemic Times, organized within the global event Week Open Education 2021.

Almost a year after education around the world faced one of the greatest challenges in history – the inability to run traditionally in classrooms, education and online courses have become the only option for conducting courses over several months and even semesters.

Many teachers in schools and universities have struggled with adapting to work and teaching online, using applications, platforms and various work tools “overnight” for an indefinite period of educational “social distancing”.

In these conditions of uncertainty and in such a confusing period for many actors in the field of education, free access to knowledge, open education, open educational resources, and especially collaboration between individuals and institutions have become the “engine” of digital integration. and digital transformation into the most rigid and traditional education systems in the world.

How has the concept of open education actually contributed to improving the conditions for education during the pandemic?

What projects and initiatives have been set in motion by universities, associations at local, national and European level?

How can we improve collaboration at the level of universities, institutions and the community to streamline the education process even in the most vulnerable demographic areas?

2021 brings an extremely diverse edition of speakers, with a very good gender balance, with young researchers full of enthusiasm but also professors with years of experience behind, with opinions of students but also the perspective of decision makers, with guests from other universities in Timisoara but also from the country, with many international guests presenting both the didactic perspective and the organizational one, with various engineering fields, all accompanied by the obvious passion for open education.

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